What customers and colleagues say about Kristi:

Kristi is an excellent manager and team player. She is thorough in her work and proactive in her communication. Kristi is highly relational and is loved by the people she works with.
— Ron Klabunde, Generosity Feeds
Kristi’s knowledge of social media and current marketing trends enabled me to secure funding from several new venues.
— Betsy Kilkenny, Abington Art Center
We believe in constant innovation from both an editorial and sales perspective. Kristi is refreshingly original and one of the most driven marketing-minds we’ve come across in Bucks County.
— Tina Paparone, Bucks Happening
Kristi is extremely focused and success driven. As a project manager, she made life for me as a creative very easy and has an incredible knowledge base.
— Joe Seifert
Kristi is one of those people who is destined to succeed.
— Karen Doler, Public Relations Professional
Kristi has a great mindset and viewpoint when it comes to marketing. I am envious of her knowledge and passion for new media. She is most definitely able to handle high-pressure environments with ease.
— Jason Paddock, Arts Marketer
I’ve known Kristi for years. I’ve trusted her insight on everything.
— Chrissie DiAngelus, Piccadilly Arts